Episode 27 Nobody Can Do It Like You

Powered by RedCircle Even with a trademark you can deter folks from using ‘your’ thing but it won’t necessarily stop them. Aaron Clark is using my podcast title: The Juicy Life Podcast. I decided to listen to it and it is pretty good. You see…there is no thing such as competition…Only perception of it. There […]

Episode 26 How to Stop Feeling Lost + Alone

Powered by RedCircle Oh the psycho babble that passes itself of as ‘you’ is something else. It will convince you that you are in the sea with no paddle. What if you could slow this ‘thought’ down for just a second or maybe even silence it? The truth of you would flood in… Video + […]

Episode 21 Goals Should Be Your Own Creation Stop Fronting

Powered by RedCircle Doing a thing because everyone else is, is something my parents broke me out of early on. I had to come up with my own reasoning in the why of it all. If I couldn’t do this simple step, I was discouraged or forbad to do the thing. What I don’t get […]

Episode 19 Reclaim Your Mornings withOUT a Cup of Triggers

Powered by RedCircle The Lexicon has finally acknowledged that ‘triggers’ are a thing. But that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. On the contrary, your work just begins once you call a thing a thing. When you heal or process yourself UP from a trigger, it can no longer send you into fight […]

Episode 17 My Friends Aren’t There for Me

Powered by RedCircle It isn’t personal. But it definitely, definitely feels like it. And it hurts. As the saying goes: everything happens for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime. Life is a string of seasons. A person entered your life because you were at a certain level in your life. And when […]

Episode 14 Failure Doesn’t Exist

Powered by RedCircle What paralyzes most is the fear of failing. What if I told you there was no such-a thing? Would you be ready to leap into your life then? If you are willing to be a beginner until you gain mastery no matter how long it takes, then you never fail. Read Blog […]

Episode 10 Go to Where Love is Served

Powered by RedCircle I love this Nina Simone quote, ‘You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love is no longer being served.’ Going me for this quick note on what to do when you realize it ain’t on the menu.

Episode 8 How to Make Up Your Mind

Powered by RedCircle We seem to have endless choices so much so that you can stall out because you fear making the ‘wrong’ choice. Indecision isn’t productive. It is the antithesis of anything ‘good’. It is a momentum killer.   Video + Blog | Click Here

Episode 4 Self Worth with Jasmin Murphy

Powered by RedCircle Too often you see someone and you make a snap decision. A judgment. We all do it. But what if we push past where we would usually stop or dismiss a person and got really curious about another person, especially if they are ‘different’ than us? What would we learn about them, […]

Episode 3 The Land of Nice

Powered by RedCircle You have been told that being nice is what you are supposed to do. And that ‘Nice Guys’ finish last and this is true. There is a reason for that. Nice doesn’t expect to get the best, go first…everyone else goes before Nice. Nice hopes that it will be recognized and acknowledged. […]