Episode 21 Goals Should Be Your Own Creation Stop Fronting

Powered by RedCircle Doing a thing because everyone else is, is something my parents broke me out of early on. I had to come up with my own reasoning in the why of it all. If I couldn’t do this simple step, I was discouraged or forbad to do the thing. What I don’t get […]

Episode 18 Always Getting Ready to Live But Never Living

Powered by RedCircle The best example I can think of is being at the starting line with blinders on with a blindfold AND noise canceling headphones. You will never launch or notice that everyone has already gone home. Gotta get in the game and learn on the way. Video + Blog | Click here

Episode 17 My Friends Aren’t There for Me

Powered by RedCircle It isn’t personal. But it definitely, definitely feels like it. And it hurts. As the saying goes: everything happens for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime. Life is a string of seasons. A person entered your life because you were at a certain level in your life. And when […]

Episode 15 Checking in with Yourself

Powered by RedCircle Wanna develop more intuition into your everyday life? It is easier than you think…just run it past your Boss pssst…(it is located in your body) Read Blog | Click Here

Episode 11 Non Negotiable Change

Powered by RedCircle Another way of looking at the title of this podcast is: your personal line in the sand. Taking a stand for yourself is necessary. It teaches everyone around you, what the new rules are. https://thejuicylife.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/NON-NEGOTIABLE-LUMEN.mp4 Video + Blog Click Here

Episode 7 Self Validation

Powered by RedCircle If you need the attention, approval or validation from others in order to prove your greatness (or to feel worthy)…then you will always be disappointed. The bottom line is people are flaky and fleeting as they should be. They are here on the planet to seek their own destiny. The same as […]