Episode 25 Living with Purpose – Pondering the Space in Between

Powered by RedCircle I have thoughts and feelings that are different from others surrounding the subject of death. It is my hope that this episode inspires you to lean into more of your life. Don’t wait, no hesitation – take the picture, the trip, taste the ice cream, whatever brings you the most joy in […]

Episode 19 Reclaim Your Mornings withOUT a Cup of Triggers

Powered by RedCircle The Lexicon has finally acknowledged that ‘triggers’ are a thing. But that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. On the contrary, your work just begins once you call a thing a thing. When you heal or process yourself UP from a trigger, it can no longer send you into fight […]

Episode 5 Trustworthy Eyebrows + Emotional Stuffing

Powered by RedCircle Life seems mysterious but it really isn’t if you can step back and observe what you choose to do and what you don’t do. Thoughts and feelings have to ‘go’ somewhere, but unless you are able to process them accordingly, you will not like the effects. Jasmin Murphy and I continue our […]