Episode 28 Going Quarantine Stir Crazy

Powered by RedCircle You feel like you are going quarantine stir crazy. Following the rules in order to keep you well and others well aka quarantine makes sense until…it feels like the walls are closing in and you want to get away – from yourself. Everyone at some point in this life has wished, prayed […]

Episode 27 Nobody Can Do It Like You

Powered by RedCircle Even with a trademark you can deter folks from using ‘your’ thing but it won’t necessarily stop them. Aaron Clark is using my podcast title: The Juicy Life Podcast. I decided to listen to it and it is pretty good. You see…there is no thing such as competition…Only perception of it. There […]

Episode 26 How to Stop Feeling Lost + Alone

Powered by RedCircle Oh the psycho babble that passes itself of as ‘you’ is something else. It will convince you that you are in the sea with no paddle. What if you could slow this ‘thought’ down for just a second or maybe even silence it? The truth of you would flood in… Video + […]

Episode 25 Living with Purpose – Pondering the Space in Between

Powered by RedCircle I have thoughts and feelings that are different from others surrounding the subject of death. It is my hope that this episode inspires you to lean into more of your life. Don’t wait, no hesitation – take the picture, the trip, taste the ice cream, whatever brings you the most joy in […]

Episode 23 Kill Them with Kindness Let Me Explain

Powered by RedCircle What would happen if you take that saying and turn it on its head? And gave yourself the kindness that you really want and expect from the world at large. Could you risk ‘it all’ and gave yourself the best of yourself? I wonder what would happen…

Episode 22 Discover Your Inspiration

Powered by RedCircle Can you continue to ask yourself the big questions of life EVEN when it dictates that you don’t have the time or the money or the fill in the blank? It is imperative to be able to do this vital step if you desire to set your intentions and reach your targets. […]

Episode 21 Goals Should Be Your Own Creation Stop Fronting

Powered by RedCircle Doing a thing because everyone else is, is something my parents broke me out of early on. I had to come up with my own reasoning in the why of it all. If I couldn’t do this simple step, I was discouraged or forbad to do the thing. What I don’t get […]

Episode 20 Find Your Voice + Uplevel Your Tools

Powered by RedCircle When you don’t use your voice, the experiences you really want can not show up. I had some coping mechanisms which made it appear like I had it all together but it was the furthest thing from the truth. Tune in to see if you can notice what yours are and feel […]

Episode 19 Reclaim Your Mornings withOUT a Cup of Triggers

Powered by RedCircle The Lexicon has finally acknowledged that ‘triggers’ are a thing. But that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. On the contrary, your work just begins once you call a thing a thing. When you heal or process yourself UP from a trigger, it can no longer send you into fight […]